Saturday, March 4, 2017

High Tide takes on a a new high with the West Quoddy Lighthouse

Oh my gosh this pretty art was made by my new teammate Terri Nadeau...

So just in case you don't know.. the MOST Eastern Point in the US is in Maine and has a red and white striped lighthouse called the West Quoddy Lighthouse and this looks so like it...I think I need to make a class around this framed artwork. Do you love it?? I do :)

It's a great time to join as you get $125 of anything in any catalog for $99 (plus sales tax) and no shipping cost AND 2 free stamp sets of your choice. NO obligation past this order. And if you place an order you get 20% off all the products you love. Easy, fun. We have such a fun team!

Stay tuned for a class with High Tide...this has really inspired me!

Happy crafting, MaryKate

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