Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Watercolor pencils... get them now... they are about to go on backorder!!

So Stampin Up has us given up 24 hours notice... the amazingly popular fun watercolor pencils will go into "not orderable" by midnight Thursday January 26 2017

If you order before midnight January 26 you will get your pencils into the backorder list and you will get first shipment... so please, if these are on your wish list... order now!!   Add the host (see top right) and you'll be part of our host share.  

These are really fun pencils... they can be regular coloring pencils, or add water and they blend, so easy, fun and cute. I'll be posting projects and hosting live and online classes with them in early March (so the shipment can catch up!), happy crafting, MaryKate  

Watercolor Pencils

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